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Diary of a Young Londoner (An Aspiring Actress)

28/04/2003, By Jenny Walters

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My Week - Starting 1st April: This month saw some unseasonably sunny weather so most of my time has been spent in my back garden entertaining friends. I did manage to venture further out than my lawn and made it into town on several occasions.

The first was my friend Tricky’s party at Bar Motion, Hungerford House, Victoria Embankment (but actually next to Embankment not Victoria.) We got there at happy hour. “Get there at Happy Hour” is, I think, some of the best advice I can impart to any visitor to London.

Especially to Americans who are always shocked by the meagre sizes of our spirit measures. It is the best way to enjoy a drink without having to fork out a ridiculous sum of money.

Motion is a great bar and covers quite a bit of square footage. The décor is stylish and just on the tasteful side of seedy. Tricky was celebrating leaving his job and moving to Sydney with his lovely fiancée Jane. Jane is having her leaving party next month, marvellous.

My Week - Starting 8th April:

Monica's Exhibition

This week my sister in law Claire and her boyfriend Giles got married. It is always risky getting married in any other month than June in England but it turned out to be a beautiful spring day. The ceremony took place in a church by Putney Bridge, the bride looked radiant, the groom looked dashing and I looked like a great big sobbing heap.

The reception was held at Pembroke Lodge in the heart of Richmond Park. The sun was shining so we were able to have pre dinner drinks on the terrace outside. Visitors to the park oohed and aahed at the bride over cups of tea on the terrace next to us and we all shared spectacular views of London.

Mingling at the Exhibition

As the sun set we enjoyed a gorgeous dinner, champagne and speeches in a beautifully decorated room. Then we all got drunk and danced badly with cousins who names we couldn’t remember.

The next day close family of the bride and groom met for a splendid lunch at Annie’s (formally Glaister’s) 36 White Hart Lane, SW13. It was ideal for a cosy family get together. The decoration was all plush velvet and gilt framed mirrors and the menu consisted of large portions of comfort food. An after dinner stroll round the antique and craft shops of Barnes’s White Hart Lane aided the digestion nicely.

Later on in the week my husband Carl and I were invited to a private viewing of a photographic exhibition by a friend of ours, Monica Curten. She was displaying photos she had taken on her travels through Trinidad and Tobago. The viewing was being held at the Trinidad and Tobago Embassy in Belgrave Square. Another friend of ours was running the free bar so we thought we should line our stomachs with a good meal before we consumed too much culture.

Abu Ali

Carl works on Edgware Road so we decided to eat somewhere nearby. We took our pick from the hundreds of restaurants and chose Abu Ali, 136 George St. We stuffed ourselves on gorgeous, great value Lebanese food such as halloumi cheese and pitta bread, lamb with chilli sauce and fried aubergine. The rest of the restaurant was filled with young Middle Eastern students and older men smoking hookahs. As it was the day that Baghdad was liberated the T.V was tuned to the Arabic news channels and the table behind us was occupied by an NBC news team.

The N.Y anchor woman, immaculately turned out, was chain smoking Marlboro Lights and sucking down black coffee whilst the rest of the crew tried to capture the reactions of the British Middle Eastern population to the day’s events. I think we may have spoilt the picture. But as no-one else in the room was unhappy that we were there, apart from NBC, we enjoyed a leisurely feed and were looked after very well by our waiter.

We jumped on a bus and headed down to the exhibition where we were met with trays of Caribbean canapés. We struggled a couple down and admired Monica’s work. The photos were vibrant and evocative and I was very proud of her.

Jenny Walters

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Re: Diary of a Young Londoner (An Aspiring Actress)

By Richard Wyland 01/05/2003, (Rating: 2.9 from 12351 votes)

Jenny has the most delicious life...yes

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Re: Diary of a Young Londoner (An Aspiring Actress)

By Marie-Eve 02/05/2003, (Rating: 2.9 from 12201 votes)

I love her, she is fantastic. She writes the way she thinks and I like that a lot about her. Wish I could be her sometimes. I miss England so much!

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Re: Diary of a Young Londoner (An Aspiring Actress)

By Repeated Posting 02/05/2003, (Rating: 2.9 from 12321 votes)

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