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Extolling The Joy Of January In London

24/04/2002, By Candice Caster

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We love London! My husband and I have started going to London (from the U.S.) in January when the crowds are sparse and the weather is fine and the grass is green and some flowers still bloom.

Last year our wonderful two-week stay in late January was topped off by the most enjoyable last day, a Sunday, by being able to watch the commemoration of the execution of King Charles I in front of the Banqueting House, with the members of the English Historical Society dressed in period costume in regiments of the King's Army, some on horseback, some on foot. What a spectacular sight!

This was followed by a long and leisurely lunch at Rules, after which we walked down the Mall in time to see the sun setting over Buckingham Palace.

This past January we visited earlier in the month and spent our last Sunday (Epiphany) by attending services at Westminster Abbey where the Canon of Westminster spoke of the Queen making her own offering of gold, frankincense and myrrh that morning.

We had dinner (traditional Sunday roast beef, potatoes and vegetables) overlooking the Thames at the Thameside Inn at Bankside. (We had hoped to go to the Anchor, but for some reason - perhaps the holidays - it was closed.).

We then set off for the Geffrye Museum to attend the Burning of the Holly and Ivy, where we ate Twelfth Night cakes and drank mulled wine and sang Christmas carols around a huge bonfire.

Then, later that evening, we were off to the Tower of London to attend the Ceremony of the Keys which takes place every evening at six minutes before ten o'clock at which time the Tower is locked for the night.

What a lovely day!

How can we not love London and reflect that some of the best times in our lives have been spent there?

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Re: Extolling The Joy Of January In London

By Eileen Meyer 01/05/2002, (Rating: 2.9 from 13646 votes)

My husband and I were in London in 1982 (also in January) and would like to return one day soon. As I read Ms. Caster's lovely story, my mind wandered to the familiar places we visited so many years ago. Her personal story is not only beautifully written, it is historical and factual. She definitely has a flair for writing - six minutes before ten o'clock (rather than 9:54), and I would very much enjoy hearing more from this writer in the future. Thanks, Candice!

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Re: Extolling The Joy Of January In London

By Augusta Eller 03/05/2002, (Rating: 2.9 from 13702 votes)

God willing, I will be making my 4th trip to London this July. I've been there in July, August, and December. Any month is a great time to be in London.

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