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London Underground's Comments About Crime

29/10/2000, By Shelley Lodge

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London Underground is working with the British Transport Police to crackdown on pickpocketing incidents on the system. The force has mounted more patrols across the network under "Operation Jackdaw".

Since 31st July 2000, when the operation commenced it is pleasing
to report that offences have nearly halved. This can be attributed to police
officers patrolling the system in both uniform and plain clothes; this style
of high profile policing has certainly proved to be a deterrent.

During the course of the operation arrests have increased and intelligence has been gained on both known and previously unknown offenders.

We do advise our customers that pickpockets do operate on the Underground
system and to be extra vigilant and keep their belongings within sight at
all times.

I would also advise that anyone travelling on the Underground ensures that all luggage is zipped/locked.

Yours sincerely

Shelley Lodge
Customer Service Centre, London Underground Limited

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