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27/10/2000, By Phil Groves

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The amount of pickpocketing on the underground has risen by a fair amount and there are a number of hints that staff give to travellers. Firstly try to not carry anything of huge value. If you must then make sure it is well hidden about your person. Most thefts are opportunistic so don't give them the chance.

Secondly when you are carrying anything in bags make sure you can see the zip opening handbags or normal bags with the fold over strap should have the strap facing your hip.

When carrying a wallet try using the breast pocket for men or front trouser pockets covered by a jacket. NEVER carry anything, especially a wallet in your back pocket. Also a hint, try carrying your train ticket in a separate pocket to your wallet. That way if your wallet is stolen you can get back home with minimal fuss.

The majority of advice is common sense and visitors shouldn't be over anxious when visiting London.

Hope the above helps!

Phil Groves

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