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How Not To Treat Virtual London

20/02/2000, By Kerstin Schnabel-Macloud

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I received the following e-mail recently. “Hello, how are you? May I ask you a question? While searching for travel magazines/newspapers in England, I found your web-site. But, I haven't found anything I was looking for.

Don't you have any travel magazines in the UK? I want to publish an article in England, preferably nationwide, about the British traveller in the US. I am a tour guide and writer in Florida. Could you be of any help to me by telling me some names and maybe e-mail addresses of British travel magazines or typical publications which travellers read?

I really would appreciate your help! Thank you so much! Sunny Florida greetings, Kerstin”

To which I truthfully replied:

“Sorry, but I don't know of any. We are only concerned with incoming.
Richard, Earl of Bradford for Virtual London”

And received the following diatribe in return.

“You know what, Mister Earl of Breadford (I really do not care about your freaking "blue blood name!") - I think your reply is just as arrogant as we realize all the British travellers/people over here. I wish you will never need to come to Florida and have some help from a Floridian tour guide! They will know your name because I am one of them? Why are you such an arrogant, ignorant, and careless person? I did ask you for names of travel magazines and I did not ask you for your business concerns. Why didn't you answer my question and try to help me? I would have if you would had sent an e-mail to me! OK, you did not want it any better. I am sorry that I have to say it again: London is a beautiful city if it would not have the assholes living there! Could you get any worse? How impolite and stupid are you?

By the way, here is the article I need to submit about the English travellers to Florida - I guess, you only have to look into your bathroom mirror in order to recognize what I am talking about! I feel so sorry about you! And, believe me, I will get it published without your help! You probably never travelled in your life, you always concerned about INCOMING - how stupid!

Have a wonderful day, Kerstin”

Hopefully not all Florida tour guides react like that!! I am happy to e-mail her equally appalling article to anyone that would like to see it, but I would reckon that it would put most British people off visiting Florida for life!!

Her e-mail address is:, which seems appropriate!

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Re: How Not To Treat Virtual London

By Lisa 23/11/2001, (Rating: 2.9 from 13854 votes)

Wow, I have to say that I don't agree with what Kerstin said about British people at all. My husband and I visited England and couldn't have asked for a better experience.....we never met one British person with an attitude like Kerstin describes......the British are the best and we love to visit.....maybe the princess isn't used to someone not doing her bidding??

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Re: How Not To Treat Virtual London

By Too Embarassed 05/02/2002, (Rating: 2.9 from 13919 votes)

Just you never mind her....sounds like she is a real bitch.

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