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How to Use The London Lantern Website

29/06/2001, By Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford

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I was delighted with the huge number of London Lantern subscribers that viewed our all new London Lantern website, and commented favourably - either in the Online Poll or directly by e-mail to me - but unfortunately they did not actually post their comments to the site.

Therefore I felt that it might be useful to produce a short guide on how to use the London Lantern website. We are hoping that it will become a really terrific Interactive website for London, but that is down to you, as if you use the ‘Have Your Say’ or ‘Respond’ buttons, then your comments will appear on the site.

Navigation should be very easy, as we have provided a Dropdown Box on the left hand side where you can find, by clicking on the Month, the particular Lantern that you might want, underneath in ‘Have Your Say’ is a selection of articles from the previous two months.

Below that in ‘Areas’ are various topics or issues of interest to Londoners and visitors alike, where you can find all the postings for those particular subjects; including the full and unabridged version of the extremely popular ‘Rickman Chronicles’, Robert Rickman’s fascinating travelogue on his visit to London, with all the back issues carefully catalogued, and pictures added, which we could never insert into the Lantern E-Zine before.

On the right, in ‘Our Guides’, you can find the London sections of our websites for Hotels, Restaurants and Stately Homes, an invaluable aid if you are planning to visit London or just want further information; also these will soon have maps and much more added to them.

Below that in ‘Book Online’ you can order or select your Flights and the London Pass Online; see in this month’s Rickman Chronicles for more about the London Pass, an invaluable money saving aid for the London visitor.

Finally there is a list of your Top Five Lantern Articles, as voted for by you, and the Poll, which has produced some complimentary responses so far – apart from one joker!

I hope that you will utilise the London Lantern site, as the more that you put in there the more interesting and informative it will become, as well as enjoyable.

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Re: How to Use The London Lantern Website

By Dwight Kemper 01/07/2001, (Rating: 2.9 from 14203 votes)

This is a great site, loaded with information. I'm especially happy with myself for subscribing to the Lantern. What else can I say?

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Re: How to Use The London Lantern Website

By Richard C. Jameson 02/07/2001, (Rating: 2.9 from 14083 votes)

As a "long time" reader of the 'London Lantern', I would just like to congratulate you on the fine job that you have done. Hats off to Richard, the 7th Earl of Bradford! Through numerous e-mails over the years I have found him to be understanding, helpful and very patient. That patience can be evidenced throughout this wonderful web-site. Cheers, Richard!

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