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Day Trips From London - Bath And The Roman Baths

The city of Bath is one of the finest stone towns in England. Its finest buildings are mainly Georgian and the city is blessed with great sweeping terraces of extraordinary elegance. A prime example is Number One Royal Crescent, built by John Wood the Younger between 1767-74.

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Day Trips From London - Henley-on-Thames

For many Henley conjures up romantic visions of lazy afternoons on the river, Pimms taken in the shade of some convenient tree, straw hats (or aptly-named ‘boaters’) and swans displaying an overt interest in your hamper of delicacies.

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Day Trips From London - Cambridge

For many Cambridge is the very epitome of what they expect a university city to be. That unique blend of ‘town and gown’ seems particularly appropriate in a place which has known academic excellence for many centuries, yet still contrives to retain a sense of antiquity, so that there appears to be no real conflict between a 14th century...

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Day Trips From London - Salisbury

It is an astonishing fact that Salisbury Cathedral, which carries the tallest medieval structure in the world at 404 feet, stands on foundations which are a mere four feet deep. This in an area which, located as it is at the joining of four rivers, is understandably noted for an abundance of water but which is, none the less, underlaid with vast...

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