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The Irresistible Beauty of Orchids - Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is proudly hosting its 11th Annual Orchid Festival, where over 250,000 orchids of all shapes and colours adorn the steamy Princess of Wales Conservatory. Various new designs have been created by Kew’s own talented horticultural team using orchids from Kew's orchid collection, as well as thousands flown in from places as far away as...

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Lee Miller: Portraits at The National Portrait Gallery

Lee Miller (1907-77) was one of the most extraordinary photographers of the 20th century. A legendary beauty and fashion model, Miller soon became an acclaimed photographer in her own right. Her relationships with Surrealist artist Man Ray and collector Roland Penrose placed her at the heart of 20th-century artistic and literary circles and, in a...

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Caravaggio: The Final Years

This will be the first significant exhibition to be held in the UK of the late paintings of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610), the most original and influential Italian painter of the 17th century, and a modern icon. The exhibition will trace the final four years of Caravaggio’s career and will include 15 major paintings by the artist....

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Turner, Whistler, Monet at Tate Britain

JMW Turner, James Abbott McNeill Whistler and Claude Monet each changed the course of landscape painting and this exhibition, featuring 100 paintings, watercolours, prints and pastels, traces for the first time the artistic dialogue between them.

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Great Escapes

In the year which sees the sixtieth anniversary of the Great Escape, the Imperial War Museum is to open this new special exhibition on the 14th October featuring some of the extraordinary escape attempts made by Allied servicemen from German prisoner of war camps in the Second World War. This unique exhibition will look in detail at the fact and...

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Your Lantern - Register To Respond

We are a little disappointed – since we changed the procedure – that so few readers have registered to be able to comment Online about articles in the Lantern; it is rather sad that the last Lantern only received one posting from all the 30,000 plus readers.

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Christmas Time In London - A Complete Guide

There is some truth in the notion that the majority of people in London down tools and get cheerfully plastered at Christmas, but it is only part of the story. Increasingly there are things to do and places to go over Christmas. Then, and the weeks before is a maelstrom of activity and our aim here is to list as many of these as possible. It is by...

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