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Alternative fund manager optimistic about future despite economic headwinds

current research from Ocorian, a specialist provider of alternative fund services and leader in entity administration, corporate and fiduciary services, shows alternative fund managers are optimistic about launches and fund raising over the next 18 months.

More than eight in ten (81%) say levels of fund raising will be higher over the next 18 months compared to the previous 18-month period. 69% of fund managers are cautiously optimistic staying they are expecting to see a slightly higher level of fundraising, whereas 12% believe it will be dramatically higher.Just 18% say it will be about the same and 1% say it will be lower.

These results are reflected in the confidence of fund managers to launch current funds.  Almost all (98%) are confident in the ability of alternative fund managers to successfully launch current funds in the next 18 months, with 52% being very confident and 46% being quite confident.

The research from the team at Ocorian Fund Services, which specialises in administrating alternative asset funds globallyshows that 91% of alternative fund managers predict there will be more alternative asset fund launches this year compared to 2022.Of these, 28% predict there will be significantly more alternative asset fund launches while 63% predict launches will be slightly higher. Around one in 12 (8%) predict it will be about the same, and just 1% consider it will be lower.

And it’s not just about a rise in confidence to successfully launch current funds, the statistics are reflected in the ability to raise capital with 96% predicting that more capital will be raised in 2023compared to last year. Around two out of five (40%) of those surveyed consider there will be over 25% more capital raised this year compared to last year, and a further 39% consider there will be between 10% and 25% more. Around 17% believe there will be up to 10% more.

When asked to pick the top five asset classes that alternative fund managers expect to benefit the most from fundraising over the next 18 months, 73% selected private equity, followed by infrastructure (68%), real estate (65%), private debt (59%), and hedge funds (49%).

When specifically asked how fund raising will change in the next 18 months for certain alternative asset classes when compared to the last 18 months, real estate, private equity and private debt are expected to increase the most.