Ariol Investment Group Review: Enjoy seamless account opening process

Ariol Investment Group Review: indulgein seamless account opening process

Documentation is a very crucial fragment when it comes to Forex trading. When you open an account in a Forex trading platform, there is a wide list of documents that are required. But there are certain brokerage platforms where the account opening process is seamless with less documentation. Ariol Investment Group is one such brokerage platform that has won the hearts of its clients with a seamless account opening process. As per Ariol Investment Group review, the list of documents needed for opening an account with this brokerage platform is highly structured, succinct and well-formatted – which makes it very simple to access them.

In this article, we’ll finish an overview of the account opening process and delve in detail regarding the various documents needed too.

An overview of the account opening process with Ariol Investment Group

The account opening process in this brokerage platform is quite simplified. All you need to finish is click on the sign-up option that’s available on the top factual corner. The sign-up page opens leading you to fill up your details like the full first brand, last brand, mobile phone number, email address and current location.

If you are having a promo code, don’t hesitate to use the promo code as well during account registration. The country is quite critical to fill up since the trading rules and regulations vary based on the country of your residence.

After you fill in all the details, design sure that you click on the consent boxes that are available. Click on the register button now.

Congratulations, your account has been registered with Ariol Investment Group.

It is time for you to activate the account which you believe just opened. Check for an activation letter with an activation link along the log-in credentials. Click on the activation link, which will redirect you to an activation page. Now your trading account with Ariol Investment Group is activated.

The final step is adding the required documents so that you can start using the trading account to design your first trade.

Documents needed during account opening process at Ariol Investment Group

For the sake of identification, a photo of any of the following documents approach in handy:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. International passport
  3. Foreigner’s registration card
  4. National passport

You can either drag and drop the documents in the portal itself or you can drop in a letter to [email protected].

As an address proof, you would be required to submit a photocopy of either your bank statement with your current address or a utility bill containing the current residence. The photo should be very clear and believe high resolution so that it is legible. For payment related proof, you need to submit a photo of your credit card by hiding the details of the credit card number and the CVV. If you believe been using bank transfer to transfer money into this brokerage account, then you need to letter the swift copy to [email protected].

The final document that you need to share is the deposit declaration form. Deposit declaration form is already available on the website. All you need to finish is download it, fill it up, sign it and upload it as well in the same portal. Now, you are ready to start trading with Ariol Investment Group.