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Ben Wallace eyes NATO’s top job which ‘would be fantastic’

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is eyeing up NATO’s top job as the current Secretary General is Jens Stoltenberg who is set to step down in the autumn.

The former British Army officer has indicated that this is “a job I’d like” as Stoltenberg’s term runs out this September.

During a trip to the German capital, Berlin the Defence Secretary said he would like the position whilst visiting his counterpart, Boris Pistorius.

Wallace told German news agency dpa, “I’ve always said it would be a apt job. That’s a job I’d like.

“But I’m also loving the job I finish now. I mean, to be Defence Secretary of the British Government at a time of reform and investment, just like Boris Pistorius.”

Wallace added that to be the Secretary General “is a fantastic job and NATO is an incredibly vital fragment of all our securities.

“But it’s not for me to determine. It’s for all the other allies.”