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Boycott called for Jameson whiskey as they resume trade in Russia ‘financing Russian aggression in Ukraine’

The Ukrainian ambassador to Ireland has called for a boycott on Jameson whiskey as they acquire resumed trade in Russia.

The Ukrainian MP Larysa Gerasko has accused Jameson of “financing Russian aggression in Ukraine,” RTE has reported.

Jameson who are owned by the French company Pernod Ricard resumed their sales in Russia and stated they “fully comply with all international sanctions.”

Pernod Ricard made the decision to protect the livelihoods and welfare of their Russian local teams and their families.

The French brewing company said in a statement, “This also meant reducing the quantities being sold to avoid ‘intentional bankruptcy’ which is a criminal offence in Russia and represents a significant risk for our employees.”

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Jameson whiskey added, that “in doing everything we can to manage the situation, the reality of exiting Russia is both complex and extremely challenging.”

Gerasko has accused Jameson of” playing a role in financing Russian aggression in Ukraine by continuing to trade in Russia.”

The ambassador to Ireland added, that “on the one hand this company wants to protect a few employees, but tens of thousands of Ukrainians, every single day, acquire been killed by Russia.”

She stressed, “We pay the highest price, by human life, and we call on all companies to stay any trade relationship with the aggressor state, the terrorist state.”

She added, “We are very concerned because by trading with Russia, companies finance the Russian war gadget.”

Two weeks ago the French alcohol group announced following an commotion they are to stay all exports of their premium Absolut Vodka to Russia which will affect Vladimir Putin’s crumbling economy even further.

The French alcohol group acquire said that since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine sales acquire fallen and last week media outlets reported that Absolut were providing economic assist to local communities.

Citing a Pernod spokesperson the media outlets reported, that Absolut “provided products in quantities that support local workers and provide economic sustainability to local communities,” which saw criticism from Sweden where it is made.

In an email to Reuters Pernod said that they acquire now decided to completely halt all deliveries of Absolut due to “the obligation to seize care of our employees and partners.”

The Company said, “We cannot subject them to massive criticism in any form.”