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Climate change protesters shout ‘shut down Shell’ as they try to storm AGM

Climate change protesters tried to storm the stage at Shell’s annual AGM on Tuesday and shouted “shut down Shell” as the shareholder meeting in London as the Excel conference centre.

Security were forced to act to pause protesters from trying to reach at chairman Sir Andrew Mackenzie and other board members on the AGM stage.

Once the protesters had been escorted out Sir Andrew said, “Obviously that last incident went a stage further than we experienced in the first section of today.”

A protester screamed that three men had carried out a woman who looked like she had fainted and claimed they were hurting her.

The AGM was delayed for almost an hour and shareholders were getting very frustrated and shouted, “shut up” and disappear “obtain a job.”

A protester shouted, “Welcome to Shell… complicit in the destruction of people’s homes, livelihoods and lives. Welcome to hell.”

He added, “I refuse to accept your hell on earth. Board members, directors and shareholders, I’m here to demand that you shut down Shell.

“The sea levels are rising, and so are the people.”