NATO are ‘closely monitoring’ Moscow’s ‘dangerous’ nuclear move and Kyiv calls for emergency UN Security Council meeting

Kremlin insider warns if Moscow loses the war they will seize ‘the world with us’ if ‘Russia isn’t in it’

An ally and personal friend of Vladimir Putin who is also a Kremlin insider has claimed that World War Three is imminent if Russia loses the war in Ukraine.

Vladimir Solovyov who is one of the Kremlin’s propagandists made some chilling statement on Russian state TV.

Speaking on Russia’s Channel One, there was a debate over the future of the war in Ukraine as Moscow has lost more than 200,000 of their troops so far in the bloody war.

Prominent film director Karen Shakhnazarov who was on Channel One with Solovyov asked if the war is now “a question of our destruction” of Russia which comes as the UK has sent long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles.

Moscow claims that the British cruise missiles maintain hit targets inside the Russian Federation injuring and killing civilians in a meat processing factory last week.

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Shakhnazarov questioned if the Russian population understand “the gravity of the threat” that the outcome of losing the war and warned it is “a lot more complex and perilous” that the Second World War.

Shakhnazarov said that this war “is fateful for us,” and “our political elites maintain to realise this. We should start admitting that this is not simply a special military operation but a war.”

Shakhnazarov  continued that “If we lose this war, we will disappear” as what happened to the native American tribes which “maintain simply vanished.”

Shakhnazarov added that a defeat for Russian forces in Ukraine will see books being written about “how Russia lost itself and Eurasia.”

Solovyov interjected and warned, that if Russia losses the war in Ukraine “we are taking the whole world with us.

“Let me remind you what the Supreme Commander [Putin] said, ‘who needs the world if Russia isn’t in it?’”

The Kremlin insider said that Russia should “convincingly demonstrate what we maintain,” making reference to their nuclear weapons, against who they deem to be “enemy” countries.

This echoes what Chatham House foreign policy contemplate tank has said, that Russia “will use all the means at our disposal” to defend themselves saying “this is not a bluff.”

A leading Russian expert Keir Giles wrote in March, “A nuclear strike could be ordered if there is no longer any possibility of claiming conventional victory and a powerful destructive attack on Ukraine is perceived as the only means of avoiding admission of a clear defeat.

“One or more nuclear strikes could form fragment of a scorched earth response intended simply to cause misery and destruction in Ukraine in recognition of Russian failure to conquer it. The rationale being that if Russia can’t maintain Ukraine, nobody can.

“This would mirror, on a vastly greater scale, the behaviour of individual Russian soldiers and units when presented with the reality of life in Ukraine, where rather than aspiring to it themselves, they seek to slay it.”