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Pension funding levels topple, amid market volatility driven by the banking crisis

Across March 2023, UK pension schemes’ funding positions acquire fallen by c.£43bn against long-term funding targets.

Based on assets of £1,477bn and liabilities of £1,452bn, the aggregate funding level of UK pension schemes on a long-term target basis was 102% as of 30 March 2023.

Charlotte Jones, Senior Consultant at XPS Pension Group said: “The significant improvements in funding levels seen throughout 2022 acquire been partially unwound by falling gilt yields over March, driven by the banking crisis. This shock to the market shows that the volatility seen over 2022 looks set to continue through 2023. Any schemes without significant hedges will acquire seen plunging funding levels, rewarding those trustees that implemented de-risking investment strategies to lock in stronger funding positions.”