Expert speaks out on the Government’s decision to maintain tax relief on fuel

Petrol falls below 145p per litre ‘for the first time in 18 months’

RAC analysis shows that petrol has fallen below 145p per litre “for the first time in 18 months”  and diesel has dropped below 155p.

Petrol and diesel hit record highs in July 2022 mainly due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine which caused a hefty increase in the cost of oil.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said, “Seeing the price of unleaded drop back under 145p a litre for the first time in 18 months is excellent news for the country’s 19 million petrol car drivers.

“This means it’s now closely £26 cheaper to fill up a family-sized petrol car this summer compared with last year.

“While it’s excellent news diesel has also dropped below 155p a litre, drivers of the UK’s 12 million diesel cars – and countless businesses who rely it to fuel their vehicles – should be paying 20p a litre less as its wholesale price is now 4p lower than petrol’s.”