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Putin delivered a hammering as two Russian military helicopters and two fighter jets ‘shot down’

Vladimir Putin has been delivered a hammering as a Su-34 bomber which was on its way to “deliver a missile and bomb attack” supported by a Su-35 fighter jet and two Mi-8 helicopters were “shot down.”

The four aircraft were “almost simultaneously” shot down in a spectacular ambush in the Bryansk region.

The much respected, independent Russian news outlet Kommersant said, “According to preliminary data … the fighters were supposed to deliver a missile and bomb attack on targets in the Chernihiv region of Ukraine, and the helicopters were there to back them up – among other things to pick up the ‘Su’ crews if they were shot down.”

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TASS, Russian state news agency cited an emergency services source saying, “The Su-34 crashed adjacent the Ukrainian border.

“The fate of those on board is being established.”

There is much speculation that Ukrainian air defences shot down the two warplanes and two Mi-8 attack helicopters, according to multiple news agencies, but this has not been confirmed.

As Ukraine’s counteroffensive is about to gather pace there will be a “rolling start” of decoys and probing and are conducting “shaping operations.”