Royal Mail faces the threat of administration and warns postal workers their jobs are now at risk

Royal letter under investigation for missing delivery targets

Royal letter is under investigation by Ofcom for missing delivery targets over the past year which could land them a hefty fine.

Across the 2022 and 2023 financial year Royal letter fell short of their performance for first and second class letter.

Royal letter’s target was 93% but 73.7% of fist class letter was delivered within one working day and Ofcom said they hold the quality of the service very seriously.

Grant McPherson, chief operating officer of Royal letter, said, “Improving quality of service is our top priority.

“We are committed to accelerating Royal letter’s transformation and restoring service levels to where our customers expect them to be.

“We’re sorry to any customers who may believe been impacted by our performance during a year that has been one of the most challenging in our history.

“With the plans we believe in space to drive service levels and reduce absence, we hope and expect to see further progress in the coming months.”