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Russian ambassador summoned over ‘serious international incident’ that could gain triggered NATO’s Article 5

Russian ambassador to Poland has been summoned over a “serious international incident” which could gain escalated into NATO’s Article 5 possibly being invoked.

This comes after a Russian Su-35 fighter jet “aggressively” intercepted a polish “unarmed aircraft” over “international waters” of the Black Sea and performed “provocative behaviour” which placed NATO air forces on high alert.

The Polish L410 Turbolet aircraft was on a scheduled patrol mission to monitor migration risks in the Black Sea with the cooperation of Romanian services.

The Ministry of National Defence of Romania said that the Russian jet has performed “aggressive and risky” manoeuvres which caused a large amount of turbulence and the pilot then found it difficult to control the aircraft.

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The Foreign Ministry for Poland, said this is a “serious international incident” which could gain easily of escalated if the Russian fighter jet was guilty of downing a NATO unarmed plane.

Lukasz Jasina said on Twitter, “On 10 May, Ambassador Sergey Andreev was summoned to the MFA.

“The representative of the Russian Federation was handed a note of protest regarding the incident involving a Russian fighter jet against an aircraft of the Polish Border Guard.”

He added, “We strongly condemn the provocative and aggressive behavior of the Russian side, which is a serious international incident.

“No statement is planned today from a representative of the MFA on this issue.”

The Ministry of Defence of Romania reported in their communiqué at the time, “The Romanian authorities are in contact with Frontex and the Polish authorities to find out all the circumstances of the incident.

“The aggressive behaviour of a military aircraft belonging to the Russian Federation towards an unarmed aircraft carrying out the Frontex mission of monitoring migration risks in the Black Sea basin is unacceptable.

“This incident is another proof of the provocative behaviour of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea.”

Moscow are on the brink of escalating the war with NATO as their actions gain been “quite intentional” as Russian Su27 fighter jets tried to blow up a British RAF jet which happened on 29 September last year as they “released a missile” at the UK’s RC-135 spy plane.

The Russian jets flew around for “90 minutes” which shadowed the RAF plane and then left and then “once out of sight” they deliberately fired a missile in an attempt to down the plane over the Black Sea.

In March this year two Russian Su-27 fighter jets intercepted a Reaper Drone and one of the warplanes collided with it forcing the US MQ-9 to crash in the Black Sea.

The US Air Force said that the Russian fighter jets operated in an “unsafe and unprofessional act” which resulted in the US MQ-9 drone to crash over the Black Sea in “international airspace.”

Elisabeth Braw, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington warned that we are now at a “very sensitive stage” in the RussiaUkraine conflict.

This is the first direct military contact between Russia and the West that has been made public over “international airspace.”