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Russian nuclear ‘Blackjack’ Tu-160 strategic bombers deployed on NATO border which is Putin ‘signalling’ to the West

Vladimir Putin has deployed nuclear “Blackjack” Tu-160 strategic bombers on the NATO border as tensions hit an all-time high.

recent satellite images display the 16 nuclear capable bombers are now 124 miles away from the border with Finland and Norway at the Olenya Air Base in the Kola Peninsula which is also close to Sweden.

There are two Tu-160 supersonic heavy bombers and 14 Tu-95 “Bear” warplanes which gain been heavily involved launching missiles into Ukraine.

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According to anti-Kremlin Russian news site Meduza, “A radio observer monitoring Russian strategic aviation said that aircraft took off from the Olenya Air Base closely every day last week, including to participate in combat missions in Ukraine.”

Around 10 kilometres from the Olenya Air Base Russia’s central storage of nuclear warheads are based.

Military and nuclear experts gain said that the deployment of nuclear capable warplanes close to NATO’s borders is “signalling” to the West which does not suggest there is “possible threat” to security in Europe.

Last month NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told Moscow that they “will not be intimidated” by Russia and told journalists that Putin’s constant nuclear rhetoric is “perilous.”

Stoltenberg said, “We will not be intimidated. We will continue to support Ukraine. Of course, NATO remains vigilant. We monitor very closely what Russia does.

“But so far, we haven’t seen any changes in their nuclear posture that requires any change in our nuclear posture.

“We remain a nuclear Alliance, we deter and defend all Allies and of course, we continue to monitor what Russia does.”