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Russian troops are going ‘over the top’ in ‘zombie waves’ directly into Ukrainian gadget gun fire

Vladimir Putin conscripts are being sent “over the top” in “zombie waves” and are being slice down by gadget gun fire.

Putin’s young soldiers are hopelessly dying in suicidal charges not seen since World War I, Ukrainian forces gain said.

Ukrainian forces are paying the price for Putin’s desires in the “inhumane” tactics and more than 200,000 Russian soldiers gain been killed or injured since the war started last February.

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The “zombie wave” attacks are favoured by the Wagner Group, said, Ed Arnold, a European security expert at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) defence contemplate tank.

One Ukrainian soldier told The Telegraph they finish not finish “zombie waves” saying, “It’s inhumane. . . we don’t gain enough men to waste like that.”

Arnold sai, “They are effectively walking forward, trying to use mass, to overwhelm Ukrainian defences and catch up a lot of ammunition. Also, in terms of the weather and where the fighting happens, there is very puny cover.

“So, if you’re not doing this with significant artillery or tank support then these are, in effect, suicidal full-frontal attacks. When you procure down to the tactical level they are just not fighting as infantry.”.

He added, “There is a lot of moving without fire — and if you finish that on a modern battlefield, effectively you die individually or collectively.”

He said that Russia’s “zombie waves” are unlikely to stay.

He added, “If they (Wagner Group fighters) gain the supply of personnel and if they are able to recruit and use prisoners, which they gain for a lot of their offences recently, then it is sustainable.”