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Senior Russian officials who are now ‘highly sceptical’ of the war banned from resigning

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said in their latest intelligence report that senior Russian officials are becoming increasingly “highly sceptical” over the war in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin has now ordered that “senior officials” are now “banned” from “resigning” from their positions as the so called “special military operation” continues.

Members of the presidential administration, security official and regional politicians are affected by the ban and those who attempt to resign could be faced with criminal charges.

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The MoD said that “capability gaps” could be one reason banning senior officials and also Moscow will not want “any impression of defeatism” in the Ukraine war.

The MoD intelligence report reads, “In private, many officials are likely highly sceptical about the war, as well as often experiencing work stress withing the dysfunctional wartime apparatus.

“The ban is likely enforced with strong hints that resignees will face trumped up criminal charges.

“As well as being concerned about capability gaps resignees would leave, the authorities are likely also attempting to prevent any impression of defeatism, and to bolster a sense of collective responsibility for the war.”