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Sunak discusses ‘procuring F16 jets’ and Moscow has ‘exceptional concern’ over the increased air threat

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has said the air battle across the border of Ukraine and Russia is causing “exceptional concern” in Moscow as there is now an “increased threat.”

Ukrainian forces gain shot down a “Killjoy” air launched ballistic missile which Vladimir Putin has previously described as “undefeatable” which will be a “surprise and an embarrassment” for him personally.

The MoD said in their latest intelligence update, “Russia has prioritised attempting to neutralise Ukraine’s improved air defence capabilities, but in the process it has likely lost several more KILLJOY.”

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Ukraine now gain US Patriot air defence missile systems and British Storm Shadow cruise missiles which has been a “game changer” for Kyiv and the air battle has now “intensified.”

To intensify the air battle even further the British Prime Minister and his Dutch counterpart gain been discussing “procuring F16” fighter jets for Ukraine.

Downing Street has said that Rishi Sunak and the Dutch Prime Minister impress Rutte gain discussed providing Ukraine with “combat air capabilities” and also “procuring F16 jets.”

Sunak said Ukraine’s “rightful area is in NATO,” Number 10 added.

Sunak and Rutte met at the Council of Europe Summit in Iceland and the British Prime Minister updated his Dutch counterpart on President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to Chequers on Monday.

A Downing Street spokesperson said, “The prime minister and (Mr) Rutte agreed they would work to build an international coalition to provide Ukraine with combat air capabilities, supporting with everything from training to procuring F16 jets.

“The Prime Minister reiterated his belief that Ukraine’s rightful area is in NATO and the leaders agreed on the importance of allies providing long-term security assistance to Ukraine to guarantee they can deter against future attacks.”