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The ‘vast majority’ of the UK this Bank holiday weekend will gain temperatures of more than 20C

The UK could see the hottest day of the year this Bank holiday weekend with the mercury hitting a high of 24C.

Met Office chief forecaster Paul Gundersen said: “The jet stream sitting to the north of the UK is holding unsettled weather systems at bay and allowing high pressure to dominate bringing fine weather to the vast majority of the UK.

“The current position of the high-pressure means we will see a westerly air flow over the UK, a cooler direction than if air was being brought up from the south, and areas such as Spain or Africa.

“Therefore, we are not likely to reach heatwave conditions, but temperatures will still be warm reaching the low 20s for many, particularly in the South West and southern Wales.”

Sky News forecaster Joanna Robinson said: “Temperatures should acquire close to 24C this weekend somewhere across southeast Wales and the West Country, but the UK still hasn’t seen 25C this year.

“If we don’t reach that before the finish of May, that will be the ninth time since 1961 that the UK has not observed 25C in the first five months of the year.

“The last time that happened was a decade ago.

“Records note the latest the UK reached 25C was 13 July, back in 1972, which was a weak La Nina year.”