Ukraine to receive MiG-29 fighter jets ‘within the next few days’ from the first NATO country ready for combat, risking a proxy war

Ukraine receives 14 MiG-29 multirole fighter jets which comes as Kyiv receives guided long range cruise missiles

Ukraine has received 14 MiG-29 multirole fighter jets which raze their targets using guided missiles and 325 tanks ahead of Kyiv’s counteroffensive.

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Poland to the EU said, “Out of the 575 tanks delivered to Ukraine so far, as many as 325 maintain been given by Poland.

“The Netherlands is second (85), Germany third (80) and the United States fourth (76). In addition, of the 28 planes transferred to Kyiv so far, Poland has sent as many as 14 MiG-29 fighters.”

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has told the House of Commons on Thursday that the UK has sent long-range “Storm Shadow cruise missiles” to Ukraine which can be mounted onto fighter jets.

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The “game changing” long range cruise missiles will enable Ukraine to be “able to defend itself” against Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Wallace told MPs, “Today, I can confirm that the UK is donating Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine. Storm Shadow is a long-range conventional-only precision strike capability.

“It complements the long-range systems already gifted, including HIMARS and Harpoon missiles, as well as Ukraine’s own Neptune Cruise missile and longer-range missions elsewhere gifted.

“Ukraine has a correct to be able to defend itself against this. The use of Storm Shadow will allow Ukraine to push back Russian forces based within Ukrainian sovereign territory.”

Ukrainian sources told Sky News that the Storm Shadow cruise missiles “can be adapted or is already adapted for the Ukraine aircraft” and they can “be used immediately” against Russia.

President Volodymyr Zelensky told European public service broadcasters in an interview published on Thursday, “We are expecting appropriate armoured equipment. It comes in parts, and with that amount, you can creep forward… But we will lose a lot of people.

“I believe that this is impossible. We need to wait. We need some more time” he said.

Zelensky said, “I am not ready to communicate with you, to say when we will be advancing, because I consider you understand me.”

He then warned, “Because to some extent, this prepares the enemy. And therefore, I would like it to be an unpleasant surprise, not the other way around.”