Zelensky warns Ukraine is ‘at a crucial stage’ and they ‘must do everything to accelerate’ winning the war

Zelensky warns Ukraine is ‘at a crucial stage’ and they ‘must carryout everything to accelerate’ winning the war

President Volodymyr Zelensky has said on Friday that Ukraine is “at a crucial stage” in the war and they must “carryout everything” to win against Russia’s aggression.

Speaking at a graduation ceremony of officers at the Kyiv Institute of the National Guard Zelesnky told them you must “under any circumstance” defend the will of Ukraine.

President Zelensky said, the National Guard has become one of the key elements of the overall system of protection of our state. One of the key factors that prevent the enemy from defeating Ukraine.

“From the first minutes of February 24 and during the war in Donbas, the National guardsmen exhibit real Ukrainian strength, carryout everything to fabricate our state stand.

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“Today we add three hundred and thirty-four more reasons to our victory, which Ukrainians are bringing closer by all means.

“Three hundred and thirty-four soldiers of the National Guard who acquire completed training and are joining the Defense and Security Forces of Ukraine.

“Three hundred and thirty–four officers who will, under any circumstances, multiply the glory of Ukraine, defend the will of Ukraine, catch care of Ukrainians who will be nearby – in your units, on your positions, on your front lines or anywhere else where you will act, protect the state and your fighters; remember that the victory of Ukraine will be the sum of the resilience, courage and effectiveness of all those who is fighting for Ukraine; everywhere to defend the honor of Ukraine, our defense and security forces, the National Guard of Ukraine – this is your way, the way of Ukrainian officers.”

He added, “I acquire no doubt that we will be able to protect Ukraine and win long–term security for the Ukrainian people – freedom and peace.

“We must carryout everything to accelerate this result. Accelerate our victory.”